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There are some things that just need to be experienced and solo travel is definitely one of them. Every true roamer, needs to get out there, alone, in a beautiful place and discover the joys of solo travel. But, many don’t because they’re racked by the fear of feeling lonely, or unsafe or just plain bored. Well, solo travelling can be all that but changing that is up to you. As noobs turned solo travel experts we have some tips which will help you take your first ever solo trip.

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1. Time to take a look at your travel bucket list- Choose the right place

Travelling alone for the first time can be scary. To make it a bit easier, it’s important to pick the right place, one where you feel comfortable and safe. You can head to places you’ve been to before or ones that are closer to home. If you’re up for something new, then you can always do some research on what are the best places to go on your first solo trip.

2. Plan like a pro- Being organised is a good thing

When you’re travelling with a group, there’s always someone who books ticked, reserves rooms and even sorts out an itinerary of things to do. But, you’re out on your own buddy, so you’ll have to do it all. But, this is the best part.

You can pick the destination (the beachside, the mountains or camping out in the wild), the rooms ( hostels, beach huts or even treehouses), activities you want to do ( scuba diving, spa days or even just reading a book). Knowing what exactly you want to do on your first solo trip will help you roam with not a care in the world.

3. No one knows better than you- Trust your instincts

Solo travelling is all about getting out of your comfort zone. But, at all times you must trust your instincts, be aware of everything and everyone around you. Make sure to note down directions and keep track of all that’s happening around you. If your inner voice is screaming NO then listen to it, coz it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

4. Pack light and pack right- Don’t be a hoarder

Remember, you are not going to have your travel buddies to lug your bags around. Pack light so you can travel independently, with all the essentials on you all the time. Do some research about the place. Is it raining? Are the nights cold? Should I pack my sunscreen? Once you get all this groundwork done, your bags will feel as light as a feather.

5. There’s adventure and fun everywhere- Be open and curious

Going out there on your own means you get to explore as much as you want. Talk to the locals and mingle, eat the local food, find out whether there are any festivals happening, there’s a whole world out there for you. You just have to get out there and let yourself experience it.

6. Still not sure? Join our DIY trips and get the flavour of solo-travelling 

The first step is always hard, but trust us, it will be an experience of a lifetime. For those of you who love the idea of such a trip, curated according to your likes and interests, you can also try coming along with us on our DIY trips.

Our DIY trips are organised for the travel-mad folk, who are part of our Roamer’s Connect Programme.

What the heck is a DIY Trip?

These are highly curated itineraries, which are prepared by our experts keeping in mind the travel preference and travel styles mentioned by our members aka ‘Roamers’. These trips are without trip leaders. However, worry not! We will do all the bookings, transportation and activities arrangement to make sure you are having a hassle free and fun holiday! We only take registrations from like-minded Roamers, making sure that they are the right fit in the group and so they are very affordable and a lot more fun.

This way, all of you who have the same interests come together and go off on our next #roam-venture. The best part is once you get there, you can go have fun with your clan or wander off and explore the place by yourself. It’s all you could ask of a solo trip but with the best gang of roamers you can ever find. Sometimes, you do get the best of both worlds (well, at least the #Roamers do!). Do check it out if you think you’re ready for your first solo trip!



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