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The northern lights or the aurora borealis is a dream come true for every traveler. These magical lights named after Aurora- Roman goddess of dawn and Boreas- Greek name for the north wind are a result of the charged particles from the Sun getting caught in the Earth’s magnetic field.

Some facts:

The aurora appears as a diffused glow, a curtain of colors-green, red, blue, pink or yellow in the sky, shaped by the Earth’s magnetic field. Most of the Northern Lights is produced between 90 and 150 km above the ground, and reach out to more than 1000 kilometres. When this solar wind hits the Earth, it can move pretty fast and look like it’s almost dancing.

Well, this wonder of nature is a must on your “To do before I die” list. But, you have to grab the best seats to see the aurora! Excited to know the best locations for Nothern Lights? Well, here’s our handpicked list:

1. Iceland


Iceland is a great place to visit in itself with its numerous glaciers, geysers and, waterfalls and volcanoes. But, your prime motive is to get a glimpse of the aurora so drive out of the city and watch out for the magic!

Popular viewing points: Kirkjufell mountain, Outside Reykjavik, Þingvellir National Park

When the magic happens: Early September to end of April

Pro Tip: For all you Game of Thrones Fans out there, don’t forget to visit all the famous set locations!

2. Alaska

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PC: Alaskatours

Here you may end up getting a spectacular show, because of the ideal location of the island and the vast expanse of clear skies. You can also head over to the hot springs scattered all over and soak in the joys of a dream come true.

Popular viewing points: Denali and Yukon

When the magic happens: Winter months/Year Round

3. Canada

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For those who love the wilderness, Canada will be a treat. With a host of wildlife and national parks, you can revel by campfires and tick off the aurora from your checklist.

Popular viewing points:Yellowknife

When the magic happens: Late August to mid-April

4. Norway

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Magnificent auroras can be viewed from Norway, you can also stop by and visit the Lyngen Alps, the fjords, and its lively fishing villages.

Popular viewing points: Tromsø, Alta, Svalbard, Finnmark

When the magic happens: October to March

5. Finland and Sweden

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At these places, the glow is there almost all through the nights of the aurora season. So, even though it may be a more expensive option, it could be your chance to spot the elusive lights!

Popular viewing points: Kiruna and Lapland regions

When the magic happens: September to end of March

6. Greenland

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PC: greenlandtravel

Well, this one is for the more adventurous traveler who wants to get away from the crowd. Here you have the vast expanse all to yourself, free to explore and experience the moment.

Popular viewing points: Southern Greenland

When the magic happens: Mid August- Late April

If people saw more of nature’s miracles like the Aurora Borealis they’d look at life a lot differently. If you’re planning on heading out then do join our clan of roamers and lookout for future trips . We bet you’ll return as a different person!

Travellers Tip: Pick places with a magnetic latitude above 55 degrees and moonless, dark skies. Lower latitudes increase your chances of seeing large rings of the aurora because of the presence of more solar particles and pollution free, clear skies will help you see a magnificent display. Don’t forget to watch out for the Aurora season from March to September!



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