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This Roaming Clan forum is to connect solo-travellers.

If you are thinking about travelling and looking for some like-minded travellers to join you, this is what you need to do:

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  2. Post your travel plans on this page in the comments below.
  3. You can also post the same on our Facebook Group or on our Facebook page.

We will be creating itineraries based on your preferred destinations, travel style and travel partner preferences. Please fill the Roamer’s screening form if you would like to join our community of Roamers. 

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Update- Roamers! Thanks a lot for the overwhelming response on this forum 🙂 We are glad that we could connect and make plans for a few members who posted here. We would love to publish your travel plans and connect you with other roamers. Please post your plans/comments in the below format for us to approve them.

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Age 
  3. Your Profession
  4. Single/Married 
  5. Destination
  6. Travel dates
  7. Brief/detailed plan along with travel style
  1. Mala 2 years ago

    I’m hoping to travel to Kutch in the last week of Nov 2018.
    Trying to organize it such that we get to see the White Rann on Nov 23 (full moon).
    For this trip I have a local contact who is helping plan the itinerary. Look forward to having more women join me on this trip. It’s about a week long.
    I would be traveling from Blr to Ahmedabad & then onward to Bhuj.
    Those interested please do write back to me ASAP.


  2. Pradhan 2 years ago

    Hi I am Ajeet Pradhan 32 years old guy from mumbai… Hi I am planning to visit Goa… I don’t have fix plan if anyone interested we can discuss and go.

  3. Uday Sherat 2 years ago

    Hi, I am 60, single, physically fit. Would like to have a travel buddy to go places. Finance should not come in the way. Since I have retired, period and month of travel does not matter. I am keen on visiting Thailand, Hongkong/Macau, Japan, Vietnam and other destinations. Interested in reading, travel, Yoga, music, etc. Anyone interested in accompanying may contact me via Roaming Clan.

    • K K Gupta 2 years ago

      Hi Uday,
      I am of your age band and keen to travel to these places, too. Just for info. I have travelled to Penang and Kuala Lumpur in Aug 2018, and Ranthambore in Sept. No plans for Oct. as of now. Thanks

    • K K Gupta 2 years ago

      Hi Roshni,
      Are you done with Sri Lanka trip? I too am keen to visit this place.
      K K Gupta, 60 years, Engineer, married, Sri Lanka, no dates fixed yet, travel economical.

    • Lalit 2 years ago

      Hi Uday, I am also keen on visiting Thailand, Hongkong/Macau, Vietnam.

  4. David Zoey 3 years ago

    I found this much useful information about solo travelers. I am searching on google for solo traveling tips and i got your blog. I am happy with your blog. You share valuable information. Thanks!

  5. RoshniG 3 years ago

    Hi Fellow Traveler!
    I am looking to travel in May 2018. No fixed itinerary as yet.
    Ideally hoping to travel to Sri Lanka.

    Anyone interested in joining or suggesting another trip?


    • K K Gupta 2 years ago

      Hi Roshni,
      Are you done with Sri Lanka trip? I too am keen to visit this place.

  6. vikram 3 years ago

    Hi All,

    I am travelling to Thailand from 28th april to 5th May. I will be travelling to Bangkok and Pattaya.

    Looking for a partner for a company.
    Vikram Arora

  7. Reshma 3 years ago

    I am planning for a 4N-5D trip to kashmir. Places that will be visited include Srinagar, Pahalgam, Sonmarg and Gulmarg with one night house boat stay at Dal Lake. Tentative date is March 2018 last week. If anybody is interested I can share the detailed itinerary.

    • Aditi 3 years ago

      Hi guys,

      Does anyone have any plans for Holi long weekend starting March 2

      I am looking to travel in a group within India for the weekend….please feel free to share your thoughts…

  8. Rajit Ojha 3 years ago

    || Zanskar Valley trip ||

    1. Your Name: Rajit Ojha
    2. Your Age : 42
    3. Your Profession : Consultant
    4. Single/Married : Single
    5. Destination: Zanskar Valley
    6. Travel dates : Mid-April to June
    7. Brief/detailed plan along with travel style. Spend a week in the Zanskar Valley, exploring the landscape/people/culture. Ready to rough it out a bit/trek around but in moderation.

    Please connect with me via Roaming Clan if you would like to join me.

    • Sumathi 3 years ago

      Hi Rajit,. Do you have a clear plan? Could you share the details plz.

  9. Vinay nagia 3 years ago

    Hi all I m planning to go out of Mumbai. It will be India tour we will go Kolkata, punjab, Rajasthan and Himachal if we can in 12days… Between 15th January to 27th January I just want to see different people and want to explore new culture and city let me know if anyone like this plan and would like to join me.

  10. Gurpreet 3 years ago

    Hello there!
    Will be in chandigarh doing solo this weekend. Will appreciate some info on places to chill.
    Happy travelling!

  11. Somedatta Basu 3 years ago

    Hi there!

    I am planning a trip to Vietnam,post summer 2018. Henceforth looking for a travel partner preferably female. This is a budget backpacking and no luxury trip.
    Would be glad to find some like minded interested folks around.

    Thanks ??

    • Rajnita 3 years ago

      I am interested. Let me know the details.

    • Sahana 3 years ago

      I’d love to travel along with you. As I am a teacher, my dates are restricted. Will you be going in May? My school starts from 1st June. I am a backpacker and interested only in budget trips.

      • utpal singh 3 years ago

        interested please share itinerary
        from pune

  12. Chary 3 years ago

    Just I missed to reply you Sathya to join you. Will catch you next time for sure.

  13. Victor 3 years ago

    Hi 22 M from singapore, looking for a travel buddy (backpacking) to Cambodia/Laos on 2nd or 3rd week of Jan. Travel style is budget backpacking. We can plan together!

  14. Freddy Koikaramparambil 3 years ago

    Hi, I’m Freddy, a Royal Enfield enthusiast from Chennai. I’m planning to do a long ride across South India, but itinerary nor dates are yet set. Looking for riding companions, male or female, who would be interested in joining me on their own bikes. Based on interest, I will be happy to discuss plans!


    Hi All,

    I’m planning for a phuket, Thailand trip in February and Europe trip(select cities) post summer in 2018. Let me know if you anyone is interested to join.


  16. Yuvan Sathya 3 years ago

    This is Yuvan from Bangalore. I’m planning for a nature trip (by car) to the western ghats forest in Chikmagalur on Christmas weekend(3 days and 2 nights) with a couple of my friends. I’m looking for a co-traveller for the trip. So, people who are passionate about travelling and interested in exploring the nature please reach out to me. Thanks:)

  17. Sagar Mulani 3 years ago

    Hi there,
    I am planning to visit Jaisalmer for celebrating New Year. My dates would be 31st and 1st!
    I would be happy to have someone to accompany me during my trip!

  18. Pooja M 3 years ago

    Hello folks, I’m Pooja from Pune and I intend to visit Norway to see the Aurora lights by next November. 12 days cruise from Bergen to Bergen. Please let me know if anyone is interested.

    • Srikant K 3 years ago

      This seems interesting. Although its too far ahead, I’m planning to study next year in Spain.
      If possible, might considering joining for this trip.

    • Shardul 3 years ago

      What will be the total expenses?

    • AMRUTH 3 years ago


    • Rakesh 3 years ago

      I am interested

    • Somedatta Basu 3 years ago

      Sounds lovely. I’d like to hear more about the itinerary ☺️. Also do tell about the the cost. Cruise ain’t a budget trip!
      I am from Kolkata and November seems fine with me.
      Thanks ?

    • Harsh Vardhan 3 years ago

      Hi Pooja I am interested

    • Parag 3 years ago

      Hi Pooja, This sounds interesting although its long way to go down the year. We can catch up.. I am also from Pune

    • sandip 3 years ago

      Interested. SANDIP from bangalore

    • ravinder singh 3 years ago

      hi pooja m interested to go. send me.details

    • Anik 3 years ago


    • Sahana 3 years ago

      Hi! I am from Pune too! What would be the cost of the trip?

    • Giridhar Vysetty 3 years ago

      Hi.. I am Giridhar from Hyderabad. Seriously interested in this trip..

    • santosh 2 years ago

      hI i am intrested too but do give me more details and clear plan plz

  19. Yuvan Sathya 3 years ago

    I’m Yuvan living in Bangalore. I’m planning a trip to the western ghats in Chikmagalur for Christmas weekend with a couple of other guys. I’m looking for a co-traveller who is interested in nature travel and exploring. Interested people can get in touch with me.

  20. Rahul Nair 3 years ago


    I am Rahul Nair from Mumbai (working with one of the Big 4’s) and I am going on a solo trip from 25th Dec 2017 to 2nd Jan 2018 to Dubai.
    My flights & stay is already done, but for the 8 days that I am there, plans are still open.
    Any of you interested to join in, feel free to reply back to this message. Even if not, would be delighted if you could share your recent experience over travelling to Dubai.
    Can be helpful for me !!

    Thanks !! 🙂

  21. Suman Chaudhary 3 years ago

    I’m Suman Chaudhary from Bikaner. I’m an open minded free spirited person. I want to visit either Udaipur or Jaisalmer during the year end. I’m looking for some female travel partners to join me.

    Age: 34,
    Gender: F,
    Profession: Govt employee and I also run my own boutique
    Dates: 30th December to 2nd January (flexible)

  22. Sheelesh Pandey 3 years ago

    Hi, i am planning to attend Tomorrowland 2018, which is scheduled in July. Anyone interested can contact me via Roaming Clan team.
    Age: 28,
    Travel plan: attend Tomorrowland July 2018, Belgium.

    • Rajat Pal 3 years ago

      Hey Sheelesh, let’s discuss. Quite interested in the plan.

    • Berishiba shiv 3 years ago

      I’m interested to attend tomarrow land I’m Party lover #Love Music And travels
      Working As a Nurse

  23. Roaming Clan 3 years ago

    Savan Navalgi from Bangalore is planning to go for surfing on the beautiful beach of mahabalipuram from 21-27 december. He is looking for travel mates to join him. If interested, please get in touch with the Roaming Clan team.
    His details:
    Age: 24,
    Gender: M,
    Profession: Software Engineer, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Bangalore
    Travel style: Adventure, less planning and more of going with the feel.

  24. Niraj Saraf 3 years ago

    I would be interested in exploring some travel options during the new year period may be from 23rd dec to Jan 1. If you have any groups / options – do not hesitate to send it across.
    1. Age – 25
    2. Current location – Mumbai
    3. Your profession – Strategy consultant
    4. Travel style – Laid Back

  25. Gulshan Kumar 3 years ago

    Hey folks I m solo traveller & m looking for a travel buddy to visit Vietnam for seven nights in December end. Any body interested may contact me through Roaming Clan.


    • Suresh DS 3 years ago

      Hi Gulshan,

      I can take off 4 days from Dec 29 – Jan 1. Let me know.

  26. Roaming Clan 3 years ago

    Roamer Akshat Tambe is looking for travel mates for his Sikkim trip. These are his details:

  27. 1. Age – 35,
    2. Profession – Software Engineer
    3. Travel dates – 9th to 20th Dec 2017
    4. Itinerary – Goecha La trek is the main plan which is for 5 days. Itinerary after the trek is not yet in place as it’s a solo trip.
  28. If you would like to join him, get in touch with Roaming Clan team.

  • Gauri 3 years ago

    Hi, we are two girls planning a car trip to the Rann of Kutch from 13 Dec to 17 Dec. Trip will be from Ahmedabad to Ahmedabad. We would like to have a companion with us. Females only.

  • Shashank 3 years ago

    I’m Shashank from Delhi. I’m 29 year old and I work in Genpact, Gurgaon. I’m planning a trip to Spain in January. This is a work travel and I’m planning to extend my stay to explore further. Dates: 13th Jan to 21st Jan. I don’t have a fix plan as such but I’m thinking to visit Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Ibiza.

    If any Roamer would like to join me, please reach out to me via Roaming Clan. I’m very open to all kind of ideas and suggestions.

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