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“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” – St. Augustine

In many ways this quote holds true. You don’t have to love traveling, but you must travel to learn. You have 80 years on this planet, do you really want to spend them knowing just the culture in your neighbourhood? To know what surprise lies beyond your city, you must take that first step to get out of there. I personally learnt that sea-shells are a great decoration item by only going 50 kms away from Junagadh to Somnath when I was a kid.

Well, my love for travel began when I went to Europe for work. I spent 2014-2015 in visiting over 25 cities spanning over 16 European countries. To boast a little I must say I am way ahead in RoamingClan’s #20Before40 Campaign, where we encourage travellers to visit 20 countries before they are 40. These places are so similar and so unique in their own way.

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Some selfies and memories from my Europe Travels

Germany is beer loving free spirited country and the best place for Vegan food in Europe. Budapest is an underground party palace and to relax you literally can take a dip in public pools with hot water available from the springs underneath. Iceland has 24 hours day light in Summer. Poland is the financial service capital of Europe. I can go on.

My story begins when I quit my job at a leading consulting firm and decided to head back home, to my parents. That was in 2016 when I started my blog FinallyJobless, soon followed by a Youtube channel with the same name. When I was offered a Video Producer’s job in Mumbai based on my Youtube videos I took it to learn some editing skills and flash a Press card to enter events. But my heart wasn’t content. I knew deep down I was missing something.


So here I am, left my job again. This time with the goal to travel. But not alone. I want to share the experience with as many people as I can. That is the goal. Make Travel Easy For Everyone. You might think how is it hard to travel? Let me give you some examples of Travel barriers in India.

Where should I go? I only have 2 days.

No one is free. I want to go in a group. 

Will I be safe? 

What if I get scammed by someone?

These are just a few examples. I am sure you have faced situations like these and more.

Priyanka, the founder of RoamingClan set out to eliminate these barriers so that travel becomes a safe and easy choice for everyone. When she told me that, I jumped out of my chair to say “I am in, let’s eradicate the travel problems for everyone”.

So I became a Roamer, part of the Roaming clan community. The Roaming clan community is growing and continuously helping fellow travellers with guidance so that their travel dream can come true. Some of the most amazing solo-travellers are part of our community and you can join us if you have any queries or would love to help other travellers like yourself achieve their dream.

I personally want to travel across India and the journey begins with Amritsar. The golden temple, Wagah-Border Beating Retreat ceremony, the local street food are calling me. I designed the itinerary for a weekend. Why spend a weekend at home watching TV when you can actually explore the culture in a new city?

I am heading to Amritsar and I want to take along a small group of people. We will experience Amritsar like never before, I promise you that. So let us go together and break the barriers of travel. We screen our participants to ensure a fun-filled safe experience with a group of like-minded strangers. Do you want to Join me? Check out the trip details here

Check out the short trailer I made for the trip:


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