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Hey there!!! I’m a resident of the famous pink city of Rajasthan, and I would love to share my experiences of the city with you! Located strategically in the lap of the Aravalis, Jaipur holds the pride of being the Pink Town of Rajasthan. I have spent years roaming across streets washed with pink, in a city which entirely stands safe with numerous gates safeguarding it in all directions and now I truly have fell in love with this town.
A perfect weekend getaway, Jaipur is famous for its food, culture and majestic forts. So, if you plan to visit this city anytime soon, this Jaipur-Itinerary tells you what exactly to do when you are here at Jaipur!

Though you are always welcome but I personally prefer that winters in Jaipur are soothing since the temperature doesn’t go above 30 and you will love the sun rays anytime during the months of November-March.

DAY 1: Jaipur- the pink city of Rajasthan

Reach Jaipur by 12:00 noon, have a quick brunch and take a rest! I prefer starting the trip with a visit to “The City Palace”, majestic, miraculous and marvelous is this palace from the times of Jaisingh, this place begins with you getting an intro to the town; down in the line I would keep “The Govind Dev Ji”, this beautiful place is a marvel of architecture and holds a “Guinness Record of having the world’s biggest pillar less hall”.

Let’s welcome the evenings from “The Hawa Mahal”, this palace is the palace of winds, you really can’t afford to click a snapshot with such an amazing backdrop!! After a quick visit around the town, I would never miss an opportunity to have some lip-smacking Ghewar or the famous “Pyaaz and Mawa Kachori”! YUM!

It’s evening now! And a shopping session is the perfect therapy that one needs, here in the markets of Jaipur, you can pick some traditional shoes called “Jootis”, or the famous “Blue Pottery”, and leather items, handicrafts for yourself! Be back by evening, and take a rest as the sun is already set!

City-Palace-Jaipur, Jaipur-Itinerary, Day-1-in-Jaipur, Things-to-do-in-Jaipur, What-to-do-in-Jaipur, Perfect-Stay-in-Jaipur

An insight of the city palace Jaipur

Govind-Dev-Ji-Jaipur, Jaipur-Itinerary, Perfect-Travel-in-Jaipur, Jaipur-Wanderlust, Palace-of-Winds, Jaipur-Blog

A glimpse of the walls of Govind Dev Ji!

Hawa-Mahal-in_Jaipur, Jaipur-Itinerary, Day-1-in-Jaipur, Things-to-do-in-Jaipur, What-to-do-in-Jaipur, Perfect-Stay-in-Jaipur

The Palace of Winds- Hawa Mahal

 Jaipur-Itinerary, Things-to-do-in-Jaipur, Perfect-visit-to-Jaipiur, Shopping-in-Jaipur, Jaipur-Famous-Items, Perfect-Shopping-Time, BEst-Time-To-Visit-Jaipur

Blue pottery

Fanous-Food-of-Jaipur, Jaipur-Itinerary, Things-to-do-in-Jaipur, Jaipur-Culture, Jaipur-Lifestyle

Lip smacking snacks famous in Jaipur

What-to-wear-in-Jaipur, Jaipur-Blog, Jaipur-Culture, Style-of-Jaipur, Perfect-Jaipur-Itinerary

The traditional Juttis



DAY 2: An adventure trip!

Early mornings in Jaipur are totally worth snoozing your sleep!! Wake up early and plan to chase the skies as you trek on the “Chulgiri Hills of Jaipur”, these hills, by far give you the best trekking experience in Jaipur.

And as any sane Jaipurite would do, visit the Galta Ji and exploring the beauty of architecture and natural wonders here! You get to meet your new friends here! The Monkey Temple aka Galta Ji, is home to in numerous macaque monkeys who are seemingly friendly to the visitors.

One can always admire the city’s unique capability of blending peace of nature and the chaos of the city magically at the Khole Ke Hanuman Ji!

 Jaipur-Itinerary, Trip-To-Jaipur, Famous-Temples-in-Jaipur, Perfect-Travel-in-Jaipur, The-City-Of-Jaipur, Best-Time-To-Go-To-Jaipur

The Khole Ke Hanuman Ji at Jaipur

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A visitor feeding the monkeys of GaltaJi

 Jaipur-Itinerary, galtaji-temple-jaipur, monkey-temple-jaipur, jawahar-nagar-market-jaipur

Galta Ji View

 Jaipur-Itinerary, Choolgiri-Hill-Trek, Adventure-Trips-Jaipur, Jaipur-Itinerary, Day-1-in-Jaipur, Things-to-do-in-Jaipur, Jaipur-City-Blog, Jaipur-Travel, What-to-do-in-Jaipur, Perfect-Stay-in-Jaipur

View from a trek on the Chulgiri Hills Jaipur

DAY 3: Some more Adventure? And history? You are exploring the right place!

My all time favorite Jal Mahal, is what you should have on high priority today morning! And then you can have something special in our bucket list today. Plan to visit TAO ADVENTURE RESORT where you truly can ensure an adrenaline rush with numerous adventurous activities like Bungee Jumping, Zorbing, Ziplining, Paintball, etc. to pick from.

Later today, make a plan to visit Amber Fort to unfold scriptures of the past, be ready for a visual treat today and plan to climb up higher to the fort of Jaigarh, which once had the world’s largest canon and is still preserved.

An evening at Nahargarh on a chilly night is not what everyone can afford to experience, this Jaipur-Itinerary gives you a superb experience with the glittery lights of the city and the sky full of stars, you are bound to have a good time! *Nahargarh is my personal favorite.* Period.

 Jaipur-Itinerary, Jal-Mahal-Jaipur, Jal-Mahal-at-night, Landmarks-of-Jaipur, Jaipur-Itinerary, Day-1-in-Jaipur, Things-to-do-in-Jaipur, What-to-do-in-Jaipur, Perfect-Stay-in-Jaipur

Beautiful Jal Mahal glowing at night.

 Jaipur-Itinerary, Adventure-Sports-in-Jaipur, Bridge-Climbing, Jaipur-Itinerary, Day-1-in-Jaipur, Things-to-do-in-Jaipur, What-to-do-in-Jaipur, Perfect-Stay-in-Jaipur

Adventure Sports at the TAO Adventures

 Jaipur-Itinerary, Places-to-do-zorbing-in-Jaipur, Adventure-Sports-Jaipur, Jaipur-Itinerary, Day-1-in-Jaipur, Things-to-do-in-Jaipur, What-to-do-in-Jaipur, Perfect-Stay-in-Jaipur

Zorbing at TAO RESORTS

 Jaipur-Itinerary, Amber-Fort-of-Jaipur, Sound-Light-Show, Jaipur-Itinerary, Day-1-in-Jaipur, Things-to-do-in-Jaipur, What-to-do-in-Jaipur, Perfect-Stay-in-Jaipur

The Amber fort of Jaipur

View-from-Nahargarh, Nahargarh-Fort-Jaipur, Jaipur-Itinerary, Day-1-in-Jaipur, Things-to-do-in-Jaipur, What-to-do-in-Jaipur, Perfect-Stay-in-Jaipur, Jaipur-Itinerary

A panoramic view from the Nahargarh Fort of Jaipur

DAY 4: More leaves? I know what exactly you can do with it!

The extended Jaipur-Itinerary includes places situated in and around the town of Jaipur. Located just 125 KMS from Jaipur is Ajmer!

This town of Rajasthan is yet another favorite choice for tourists visiting this area, having a range of spots to visit ranging from the Anna Sagar Lake to the mighty and magical Dargah Gareeb Nawaz, one must pay a holy visit here. Lined up in the schedule is a visit to the pious town of Pushkar, where a bathing session into the Ghats is believed to be sacred and can cure many illnesses.

Jaipur-Itinerary, Things-to-do-in-Pushkar, What-to-do-in-Pushkar, Perfect-Stay-in-Pushkar, Pushkar-Blogs

A view of the Pushkar Fair!

Jaipur-Itinerary, Things-to-do-around-Jaipur, Things-to-do-in-Ajmer, What-to-do-in-Ajmer, Perfect-Stay-in-Ajmer, Ajmer-Blog, Ajmer-Visit

A perfect view of the Anna Sagar Lake, Ajmer

DAY 5: Want to explore more? There are endless opportunities:

The haunted town of Bhangarh is infamous for the supernatural occurrences that have happened here and have also been witnessed by many but narrated by none. A legend has it that once a magician cursed the town stating that every roof that is placed within the town’s boundaries will not withstand and ultimately the town turns into a ground of debris.

Personally I couldn’t find a ghost but who knows, you may find one? Or maybe some interesting stories at least! Wanna know more about Bhangarh, I know where to go! Just click here!

Post coming back, I would definitely advise to pay a visit at Chowki Dhani Resort and Village at Jaipur to end your trip in a perfectly Rajasthani style and conclude your Jaipur-Itinerary, with food, dance, music and a great culture all served and presented beautifully in a plate of hospitality and traditions!

Bhangarh-Fort, Haunted-Town-Of-India, Rajasthan-Trips, Trips-to-Jaipur, Jaipur Itinerary, Road-Trips-Rajasthan

The Fort of Bhangarh

Bhangarh-Fort, Haunted-Town-Of-India, Rajasthan-Trips, Trips-to-Jaipur, Jaipur Itinerary, Road-Trips-Rajasthan

Haunted Town of Bhangarh

Things-do-in-Jaipur, Jaipur-Itinerary, Rajasthani-Culture

Perfect Night at the Chowki Dhani

HOLA! We are sure that with this Jaipur-Itinerary you will enjoy the town of Palaces and have a great stay in Rajasthan!! Want to know more about us? Here you can find about ROAMING CLAN!

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