I’m Priyanka and Roaming Clan is my dream project. A project aimed at connecting solo travellers and assisting them in exploring the world.

I quit my corporate job as full time IT consultant and became a full-time traveller in my quest to see the world. I had a passion for travelling so I decided to challenge myself and abandon the superficial life of malls and skyscrapers. 

Each and every destination I travelled gave me perspective and vision. The experience of working in the NGO’s in the Himalayas, climbing mountains in South East Asia, exploring Australia’s beaches, and volunteering in Europe while backpacking all gave me a renewed perspective into myself. My idea of travelling was not just ticking off places rather I wanted to understand the human element in various parts of the world.

During my travel, I realised that no matter where you go, or what the culture and lifestyle might be, people are pretty much all the same. Anywhere and everywhere I went people welcomed me with open arms, shared their stories, helped me when I screwed up and laughed with me later :).

It hasn’t been an easy path but it has been a fascinating one. I want to share what I have seen, learned, and experienced in this journey.

Roaming Clan is about breaking the mental barrier of travelling solo. It’s about encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone, to meet new people and to experience different destinations with a group of like-minded strangers. The underlying purpose of Roaming Clan is to convert vacationers into true travellers. We will give them a pulsating experience off the tourist path, connecting them with nature, culture, and traditions of the places that we visit.

Our trips are not just another destination on a list but the deliberate exploration of the unexplored.

Join me :)

Join Me 🙂


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