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There is no way better to WOWed by the terrific beauty of nature than by travelling by road. Everybody has a different style of travelling and there are some crazy people who just love to get on their bikes and head out. This particular article is exclusively for the bunch of these crazy travellers out there.

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There is nothing as heavenly as that moment when a road traveller just stops at a place and simply gasps, looking at how amazing nature is. For someone to be able to travel by road, needs to know one thing – DIRECTIONS. To be more precise, he needs to know his North, South, East and West.

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Some of the most exotic road trips in these particular directions are :



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Sikkim-Darjeeling Group Trip

We all know how beautiful Northern India is. The scenic beauty simply takes one to another place altogether. A bike ride from Shimla passing through the Spiti region is strongly recommended. Although this trip wouldn’t be suggested for amateur riders due to the changes in the conditions of the roads. The journey might take 7-10 days since some patches of the road are really bad and highly risky but the views that one gets to see makes everything worth it!

One can also refer to this trip as a substitute for the Ladakh road trip. The mountains and valleys and riversides are equally beautiful and mesmerising. One can also get to enjoy to ride his bike in water on the journey, pretty much like the movies.

A road trip to Shimla is a must!


Pollachi – Chalakudy :

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This is another amazing route which can be opted for an amazing bike ride. This route stretches from Tamil Nadu to Kerala. This particular one is different from the others because one won’t find mountains covered with snow or the fun of riding in the cold. This route will be more appreciated by people who love greenery. Throughout the journey one can see fabulous greenery on one side of the road. Rainforests running by the side make the trip seem to pretty. One might even come across some wildlife on their way.

Roads are made by cutting the mountain and are in a way somewhat along the mountain so people who travel on such roads, people who can feel the rush while riding their rides will simply love this route.

3.EAST –

Guwahati – East khasi hills :

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For people looking for a bike ride trip to the Eastern side of India, we have another great route for them!

This routes starts from Guwahati and stretches uptil the East Khasi Hills via Shillong. The ride starts with the beauty of Guwahati and ends with breath taking views of the East Khasi Hills. This route is a must for all the people who love waterfalls. This entire route is full of scenes of amazing waterfalls and the slight sense of dampness that they bring. Although the ride might get tricky due to the slippery roads but it will be totally worth it!

The amazing scenes of living root bridges and scenic beauty cannot be described in words. The environment is so soothing and so mesmerising that one is bound to fall in love with the ride, with the trip, with that place! It is advised not to take up such a ride during the monsoons, keeping safety in mind.

4.West –

Mandawa-Jaisalmer – Jodhpur :

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Sikkim-Darjeeling Group Trip

So far, we had routes that had greenery, snow and water, it is now time for a route that deals with some ‘heat’.

Along the Western India, one can have a brilliant bike ride along this route. It starts from Mandawa which a few kilometres from Delhi, continues to Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. For people who can take up the heat, the deserts welcomes you very ‘warmly’. The entire ride is full of beautiful stops and there is so much to learn about the Rajasthani culture. This ride is also meant for people who like their personal space, who don’t like being in a crowded place.

While riding along the deserts, it feels just so good to be one of the few people on the road. It feels relaxing. The art and architecture of Rajasthan has always been an attraction to one and all and so has the delicious food.

This particular ride has got so much to offer, well so do the others..!

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All the bike ride routes mentioned are totally different from each other and unique. So why choose between North, South, East, West?

Pack your bags, get on your bike and conquer all the directions..!

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Sikkim-Darjeeling Group Trip

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