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Priyanka Jain, Founder. A former technology consultant for over 8 years of experience with Dell, Pitney Bowes, Sapient. She had quit her IT job to travel and started Roaming Clan with the purpose to connect travellers. A traveler by passion, a backpacker and a high altitude trekker who has been to 20 countries. She has backpacked across Europe, Australia and South East Asia.

Anuraj Jain, Co founder and CMO. An IIM Lucknow alumnus with 11 years of experience across marketing, consulting and technology. He has consulted startups like Geckolyst, Coinome and Quintype and set up profitable business units for Smartowner and K12 Techno Services that do over Rs. 100 crores in sales a year. He is a travel enthusiast who has been to 21 countries and is a PADI certified scuba diver.

Prerna Jain, Co founder. She is based in San Francisco, USA. A management consultant with over 9 years of experience with companies like Deloitte, Thomson Reuters and ITC in USA, UK and India. An art consultant and an avid traveler, she has travelled to 20 countries.

Ajay Rathore, Volunteer. An IIM Lucknow alumnus with 3 years of experience across sales, marketing and technology in Goldman Sachs and Capgemini. He is a backpacker who has lived in more than 10 cities and backpacked across Europe & North America.

Nidhi Tom, Content writer. She is a travel blogger and content writer with about a year of experience writing content for an ed-tech startup. She writes blogs and manages social media for Roaming Clan.


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