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The perfect place to get out of the routine of everyday life, where you can forget all your worries and shout out Hakuna Matata while sipping a margarita on the beach. Krabi has so much to offer to you that you’ll find yourself booking tickets in no time. But, while you’re packing your bathing suit make sure that you vacation at Krabi the way it should be done. So here’s a list of things to do in Krabi so you can vacation the right way!

1.Railay Beach and CavesA white sand beach cut off from the mainland, only accessible by boat, you’ll find yourself in tropical paradise set across a dramatic Karst landscape.

What’s special: Out of all the things to do in Krabi this is one place you should not miss. The Karst limestone rocks, one of its kind rising in the sea like a fortress above the stunningly blue sea.

our top pick for things to do in Krabi: Rent a long tailed boat and sail around the islands, taking in the beauty of this iconic beach or if you’re daring enough then go rock climbing and maybe even loll around on the beach for a while.

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Railay Beach


2.Thung Teao Forest National parkA haven of sorts for birds and animals, this biodiversity park echoes with caw caws and has trees aplenty.It also houses the once considered to be extinct Pitta Gurney birdie. It’s also has one of Krabi’s most gorgeous underground natural springs, the Emerald pool.

It feels almost heavenly to take a dip in the clear water, surrounded by million shades of green in the lush forest. No spa can live up to this kind of relaxing experience! You’ll also be surprised by the turquoise shade of the Blue Pool, on your way to the Emerald Pool. Its best if you go before tourists swamp the place so consider being a morning person for this one.

What’s special: The virgin rainforest with its rich flora and fauna, nature trail and emerald pool  is to die for.

our next pick for things to do in Krabi: Sink into the jewel green toned waters of the pool and call out to  your inner jungle explorer as you try to spot the different animals and birds in the forest.

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Emerald Pool

3.Ao Nang- It’s one of the popular beach towns where you find tourists relaxing in hammocks on the beaches or out exploring the hidden coves and beaches. There’s plentiful here to do for the lazy traveller, the adventurous nomad and the party animal . Being located right in the middle of Krabi, it also makes exploring a lot easier if you set up your vacation home here. The community accepts holidaying folks as their own and you’ll have a fun time strolling down the street, passing by “old-style” houses and gorging on Thai street food.

What’s special: The calm of the waves during the day and the party breaking out at night. It’s the one place where you can get the best of both worlds.

Things to-do: Go kayaking from island to island and burn off the holiday belly , go deep water soloing ( climb up the rocks on the beaches using your inborn monkey skills and jump off to dive into the sea), grab tickets to go watch a Muay Thai fight.

things to do in krabi, how-to-get-around-in-Krabi, Thai-culture-in-Krabi, weather-in-Krabi, people-in-Krabi, ao-nang-krabi

Ao Nang

4.Phi Phi Islands- You’ll probably recognise this place from  Leonardo Dicaprio’s The Beach where he plays the role of a backpacker. It certainly is a pretty picture, lying across the turquoise sea, with its formidable rock formations and smiling coconut trees.

What’s special: It has the insta-worthy tourist attraction   Phi Phi Leh and the peaceful uninhabited Phi Phi Don and the world famous Maya Beach.

Things to-do: Get a private boat for yourself and sail away into azure blues or join in on the all day party scene back in the mainland

things to do in krabi, Krabi-travel-guide,where-to-stay-in-Krabi, is-Krabi-a-nice-place-to-visit, what-to-eat-at-Krabi, how-to-get-around-in-Krabi

Phi Phi island

5.Susan Hoi- A graveyard of a  different kind, Susan Hoi is the shell cemetery of Krabi. It claims to be almost 40 million years old, taking you back to the days of Krabi being a tropical swamp surrounded by the sea. This place is said to have been formed as an effect of the limestone rich water washing over the sea creatures in the swamp.

What’s special: The shell cemetery is laden with fossilized shellfish, snails and other sea creatures and is one amongst three of its kind in the world.

Things to-do: Walk around and explore these geological relics and stop by at the souvenir shop for cool knick knacks.

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Susan Hoi

6.Klong Thom Waterfalls- What sets these falls apart is its spa like atmosphere, with its steaming water and exotic beauty. A place where you can relax your achy breaky joints and sink into a trance while the natural spa gives you the pampering of a lifetime.

What’s special: The hot springs in the crevices of the rocks in the waterfall, nature’s very own Jacuzzi.

Things to-do: Take a dip in the hot water springs and let go of your worrisome thoughts.

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Klong Thom waterfalls


7.Koh Lanta-  Bike around this not so crowded part of Krabi and catch  stunning views of the Andaman sea and the gorgeous sunsets, make stopovers to gorge on the street food and take occasional dips in the sea to feast your eyes on the corals and underwater life.

What’s special: A beach that is far away from the maddening  tourist crowd with no dearth of things to do.

Things to-do: Book yourself a spot on the Four islands tour, enjoy the yum sea food on the way and make some friends with other Thailand roamers to frolic with and  get the adrenaline pumping with water sports- kayaking, parasailing, snorkelling and the lot and visit the picturesque town of Lanta.

things to do in krabi , how-to-get-around-in-Krabi, Thai-culture-in-Krabi, weather-in-Krabi, people-in-Krabi, exploring-Krabi, beaches-in Krabi

Koh Lanta

8.Koh Klang – Two minutes away from Krabi lies the perfect place to immerse yourself in the local culture. A  stark contrast to the beaches and parties in the city, here you’ll find yourself  amongst the friendliest locals, water buffaloes and nature at its best.

What’s special: It’s a throwback to life in the countryside, the simplicity and beauty of living life amidst nature.

Things to-do: One of the more artistic things to do in Krabi is learning the traditional art of Batik, dig around for shellfish with the little ones and get your feet dirty strolling through the lush green paddy fields.

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Koh Klang


9.Wat Tham Sua – Legend has it that this Buddhist temple housed a tiger in it’s caves  whose paw prints still remain on it’s walls, hence the name Wat Tham Sua. Apart from the folklores, this age old temple has breathtaking architecture and  has loads of explorable winding passages and caves. It’s also the perfect place to meditate and maybe get some inspiration for your own version of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.

What’s special: The temple at the foothills of a limestone mountain exudes calm and serenity with it’s meditation caves, stupas and Buddhist traditions galore.

Things to-do: Climb up the 1237 steps to see Buddha’s Footprints and get a birds eye view of the Andaman sea and its surrounding islands.

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Wat Sam Thua

10.Krabi Town–  It’s one of those places which has its own personality, where you find yourself at home with the locals. You can walk around and indulge your inner shopaholic at the Night market or cheat on that diet at local eateries serving authentic Thai food or just enjoy a walk around the town. Here, there’s no need for an action packed itinerary, it’s almost like taking a vacation from your vacation.

What’s special: The old world charm of Krabi has been preserved from the influx of tourists with its quaint cafes, shops cluttered with knick knacks and classic rock tunes being played in the pubs.

Things to-do: Visit the night market during weekends, enjoy a drink or two at local pubs, attend cooking classes being taken by the locals or just pamper yourself at a spa.

things to do in krabi, Krabi-travel-guide,where-to-stay-in-Krabi, is-Krabi-a-nice-place-to-visit, what-to-eat-at-Krabi, how-to-get-around-in-Krabi

Krabi Town

Krabi is like a cross between Temple Run and a tropical Gilligan’s island with its smatterings of islands and beaches and its mangrove dotted coastlines. There’s beach surfing to be done, bikinis to be worn, Batik art to be learnt, shrimp to be devoured, rocks to be climbed and parties to crash. The plethora of things to do in Krabi leaves you spoilt for choice!

Holidaying in Krabi becomes all the more fun with your  tribe, to polish those caveman surfing skills, lounge on the beach and catch a fish or two. Reach out to your kind of  gang and show some love to yourself this summer, head over to Krabi with them to kick back and relax and indulge in all sorts of fun activities, sightseeing and other guilty pleasures from our list of things to do in Krabi.




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