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If you love natural beauty, then Vietnam is the place for you. This country offers striking landscapes that range from the lush rice terraces and forested mountains in the north to the amazing view valleys of the Central Highlands and the fertile delta and don’t forget the beautiful beaches of the south.

The country also has great history due to which it has many historic attractions like, colonial towns, traditional villages and old temples. Check out these best places to visit in Vietnam:

Ha Long Bay

Best places in Vietnam, Ha Long Bay

Our top pick Ha long bay is one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam for its unusual rock formations, islands, and caves. Make sure to visit the famous Kissing Rocks, Sung Sot Grotto (Cave of Surprises), Hoang Tan Island, Hon Trong Mai, Bai Tho Mountain, Thien Cung grotto (Heavenly Cave) and Cat Hai Island while travelling in Vietnam. Apart from recognition from UNESCO in 2012, the New 7 Wonders Foundation officially named Ha-long Bay as one of new seven natural wonders of the world.


My Sonmy-son-tour-packages, my-son-group-trips, top-10-things-to-do-in-my-son, best-time-to-visit-my-son-vietnam , my-son-vietnam-weather, my-son-vietnam-blog, my-son-vietnam-top-attractions, things-to-do-in-my-son-vietnam

It is situated on the central coast of Vietnam close to the Duy Phú village. It is a vital archaeological place referred to as My Son. One in every of Southeast Asia’s most notable ancient sites, My Son was once a major center of spiritual Hindu ceremonies.


Mekong Delta

Best time to visit Vietnam, Mekong Delta, Vietnam's Rice Basket

Mekong Delta is nicknamed as, “Vietnam’s Rice Basket”, as it is a very rich area covered with rice fields. Here you can find colorful floating markets, rice paddies, sugar cane groves, bird sanctuaries, fruit orchards, and quaint villages. The best thing to observe here is that the villages of Vietnam are often accessible by river rather than by road.



Hue-vietnam-tour-packages, Hue-vietnam-group-trips, top-10-things-to-do-in-Hue-vietnam, best-time-to-visit-Hue-vietnam, Hue-vietnam-weather, Hue-vietnam-blog, Hue-vietnam-top-attractions, things-to-do-in-vietnam, Hue-vietnam-biking-tours, Hue-vietnam-beaches

Hue is located on the Perfume River, it was Vietnam’s Royal Capital. If we talk about sightseeing, you can visit the ornate Imperial Citadel, Toan Bridge, Royal tombs and Forbidden Purple City etc. The Citadel is one of the famous city monuments among all. This amazing place has a combination of grand palaces, ornate temples, walls, and gates.


tours and travels Vietnam, group tours, sapa

An awestruck view could be found in Sapa. It is surrounded by pictorial mountains, rice terraces and a diversity of hill tribes in the remote north-west of Vietnam. The best way to experience the beauty is going for trekking. It gives you a picture of French architecture and tribal cultures.


Nha Trang

nha-trang-vietnam-tour-packages, nha-trang-vietnam-group-trips, top-10-things-to-do-in-nha-trang-vietnam, best-time-to-visit-nha-trang-vietnam, nha-trang-vietnam-weather, nha-trang-vietnam-blog, nha-trang-vietnam-top-attractions, things-to-do-in-nha-trang-vietnam, nha-trang-vietnam-biking-tours, nha-trang-vietnam-beaches

The second most wonderful bays in the country and the most famous seaside resort city is Nha Trang. It has beautiful beaches which have fine and clean ocean water. You can try Scuba – Spelling! diving here, as it is one of the centres of Vietnam.

Try Scuba diving in the beautiful beaches here with fine and clean ocean water.


Hoan Kiem Lake (Hanoi)

hoan-kiem-lake-vietnam-tour-packages, hoan-kiem-lake-vietnam-group-trips, top-10-things-to-do-in-hoan-kiem-lake-vietnam, best-time-to-visit-hoan-kiem-lake-vietnam, hoan-kiem-lake-vietnam-weather, hoan-kiem-lake-vietnam-blog, hoan-kiem-lake-vietnam-top-attractions, things-to-do-in-hoan-kiem-lake-vietnam, hoan-kiem-lake-vietnam-biking-tours, hoan-kiem-lake-vietnam-beaches


It is one of the picnic spot of Vietnam in the city. Hoan Kiem means “returned sword”, the name has come from the legend, King Le Loi. King Le Loi was given magical sword by the lords, which he used in driving out the invading Chinese.


Nothing can beat the natural beauty of Vietnam! The beauty and culture will make sure that you visit such a wonderful place again.


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