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Are you a solo-traveller? Are you a Backpacker? Well, you can’t miss to visit Bangkok !!

The city air is heavy but sweet

Feeling the charmed vacation spirit sink in?

As you walk down the crowded street


There’s music playing everywhere

“This one’s going to be another culinary adventure !”, you think

As you smell Pad Thai simmering somewhere


 Tuk tuk-ing your way up and down

There’s no thoughts of workday heels and  briefcases for you

 In this happy little foreign town


Shopping all day at the floating markets

Giving Namaste’s to monks passing by

With happy hearts and empty pockets


Chinatown,rooftop dinners and temple hopping

There’s so much to do   but so little time

So you just keep on going without stopping


In this city of Angels, where the stars seem to  shine just for you

A half a world away, far far away

This, my darling  is Bangkok for you

A city where everything is same same but different different, Bangkok is a must visit for every backpacker. All year round, everyone’s  ready to get onboard the Bangkok express. But, it’s hard to even get in from November to March, this being the best time to visit Bangkok. If you’re one of those lucky backpackers who have season tickets for your Thai experience then you’re in for a joyride.

Early on in your vacation you’ll find your trusty sneakers getting worn out visiting the tourist must-sees like the Grand Temple, the flea markets which keep popping up and partying hard during the night. By the time you settle down, you’ll get thrown into your first Thai jamboree experience, the Royal Barge procession. You’ll witness a magnificent water parade of boats carrying offerings to the monks of the Wat Arun temple float by, with the whole city watching them. This my friend what you witness when you visit Bangkok !

While you figure out how to get out of the merry crowd, you’ll find yourself diving headfirst into Loy Krathong, where celebrations are of a different kind. You can be a part of the age old tradition of releasing lotus shaped rafts, illuminated with candles and adorned with flowers into the water, in honor of the end of the harvest season. It’s a joyful time to be in Bangkok , what with all the dancing and music.

Bangkok is a must visit, chinatown-in-bangkok, tuk-tuks-bangkok,bangkok-tourism, loh-krathong, floating-lanterns-Bangkok

You can also get a glimpse of Thai pride for their country in their annual Trooping of the Colors parade. On this day the Armed forces don colorful uniforms , declare the oath of allegiance and march in unison to the Thai Royal Family.

Within the blink of an eye, it’ll be time for holly and eggnog, presents and trees. If you’re in town during Christmas at Bangkok then it’s  time to make merry .  The entire city is ornamented with fairy lights and wreaths and you’ll be infected with the Christmas spirit no matter what sort of a Grinch you are in this Christmas wonderland.

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Come New Year’s and all you’ll see around  is parties and more parties. It’s time to take those evening gowns and blazers out, as the crowd gathers at Central World Square  for it’s infamous New Year countdown.

A dozen hangovers later and with way too much of partying happening, things need to tone down right? Take a break by strolling around Lumpini park, picnicking and cloud watching as music wafts through the air from the open air concerts which usually happen in the month of January.

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It’ll soon be time for another round of festivities and this time it’ll be HUGE because it’s Chinese New Year! Head down to Yaowaraj, the official Chinatown of Bangkok for the  celebrations. Catch a glimpse of dragon dancers and gorge on the feast while watching the firecrackers light up the night  sky.

At Bangkok, you might spend one day at an opera in Chinatown and another downing buckets of whisky at Khao San market. The next day you might treat yourself to a special Thai massage while drool-dreaming over the yummy Thai street food . This bustling city keeps you on your toes, with all the sightseeing, temple-hopping, partying and shopping that has to be done.

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By  April you’ll be sweating bullets,  regretting all the pad thai and deep fried fish and the holiday belly. Soon it’ll be time to head back, and bags have to packed with souvenirs and memories galore. But, if you’re one of the unlucky few who are yet to have their Thai experience then I suggest you stop wasting precious time and get packing and find the next group of madcaps who are bound for Thailand because Bangkok is a must visit for every travelling soul.

So, Are you thinking of visiting Bangkok now 😉


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